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Specialist Adaptions for the Disabled
Infra-red systems
Hand Controls

Lighten Power Assisted Steering

Wheelchair Hoists, Dual Controls
Swivel Seats

Boot Roll and Boot Safe
Mobile Service

Being freelance and mobile, I am not tied down to any one particular make or type of product. I can fit Alfred Bekker type hand controls, Brig-Ayd hand controls and TechMobility hand controls. Due to my experience and knowledge I can fit all infrared hand control systems , including all Lodgesons and TechMobility infrared systems. I will also maintain, support and refit any infrared systems manufactured in the last 25 years. My extensive abilities also cover the fitting of left foot accelerators be it Alfred Bekker type or Brig-Ayd Twin Flip ups. I also install Wheelchair Hoists, Swivel Seats, Lightern Power Assisted Steering and Dual Controls for learner Drivers.

If you are interested in having your car adapted to your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail for your extremely competitive quotation.

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This infra red is available in 9way and 12 way. They can be fitted on almost any car, with special modifications to the car's switch gear on certain types of cars.

Alfred Bekker type hand controls

Quick Release steering mushroom

Techmobility type hand controls
Hand controls with indicator switch
Brig-Ayd hoist with power in / out
TechMobility hoist with power in / out
Brig-Ayd Twin flip up Accelerator
Able-bodied driving position
Brig-Ayd Twin flip up Accelerator
Physically challenged driving position



Swivel Seat